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Cofounded XP Chemistries in 2021


Short description:

XP Chemistries is a world leading innovative company that has a comprehensive, international patent portfolio covering efficient and sustainable nature inspired technologies based on optimal combinations of novel catalytic processes for the production of bio-based chemicals. The company is the first producer of sustainable and high-quality forest-based capsaicin and analogues. IPO Nasdaq First North GM, 2021.

Cofounded VERI Nano Inc. in 2018 and


Short description:

VERI Nano is an emerging biotechnology and nanotechnology startup company, out of Boston, comprised of world-renowned experts and serial entrepreneurs with the background from Harvard Medical School and MIT. Through fundamental research, we have developed several innovative nanotechnology platform and products providing solutions for grand challenging problems in various areas.

Cofounded Organofuel Sweden AB in 2015

Short description:

Organofuel Sweden develops sustainable and efficient eco-technologies to end our society's dependence on fossil based products. Through our novel green technological plattform we can generate sustainable high-value products such as biofuels, fine chemicals and biomaterials starting from renewable starting materials.


1. Swedish Patent Application No. 2051106-9. 23 September 2020. “Surface disinfectant and coating”. Samson Afewerki, Ketian Zhang, Nathan N. Lee, Joseph V. Bonventre and Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza. 

2. PCT/US2020/065994, ”Nanostructured Binary Gel Composition and Use Thereof”. Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza, Kanny Chang, Ketian Zhang and Samson AfewerkiDecember 20, 2019.

3. PCT/US2020/064565, ”Compositions and modular nano- and microparticles for the delivery of various agents and use thereof”. Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza, Kanny Chang, Ketian Zhang and Samson Afewerki. December 13, 2019.

4. US PTO Ref. BWH-2020-133. Submitted December 13, 2019. ”A non-Newtonian nanostructured drug delivery barrier for biomedical applications”. Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza, Xichi Wang, Samson Afewerki and Joseph V. Bonventre.  

5. US PTO Ref. BWH-2020-016. Submitted November 21, 2019. ”An Integrated Strategy for Engineering Multifunctional Bactericidal Nanofibers for Abdominal Hernia Repair and use thereof”. Samson Afewerki, Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza and Anderson de Oliveira Lobo

6. European Patent. PCT/EP2015/056776; WO2015/144902A1, 2015 October 1. ”Efficient Synthesis of Amines and Amides from Alcohols and Aldehydes by using Cascade Catalysis” Inventors: Armando Córdova, Per Berglund, Mattias Anderson and Samson Afewerki.    


7. European Patent. PCT/EP2015/075333, 2015 October 30. ”A Mild Catalytic Reduction of C-O Bonds Using a Recyclable Catalyst System”. Armando Córdova, Carlos Palo-Nieto and Samson Afewerki

8. European Patent. PCT/EP2015/079869; WO2016096905A1, 2016 June 23. ”Synthesis of amides and amines from aldehydes or ketones by heterogeneous metal catalysis”. Armando Córdova, Carlos Palo-Nieto and Samson Afewerki

9. Swedish Patent. PCT/ 1551537-2, 2015, 2015 November 26 “Environmentally friendly process for the preparation of nanocellulose and derivatives thereof”. Armando Córdova and Samson Afewerki.  

10. PCT/SE2017/050826 “Conversion of alcohols to linear and branched functionalized alkanes by integrated catalysis”. Armando Córdova and Samson Afewerki

11. PCT/EP2022/078173, 2021, October 11“A new fuel composition comprising a symmetric branched C12-C18 ether, or 3-(((2-ethylhexyl)oxy)methyl)heptane”. Samson Afewerki, Ismail Ibrahem, Armando Córdova.  

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