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Selected Publications (*Corresponding author, #equal contribution)
Full List of Published work: and 

67. K. Chachlioutaki, P. H. D. M. Prazeres, S. R. A. Scalzo, P. Bakirtzi, S. Afewerki, P. P. G. Guimaraes, N. Bouropoulos, D. G. Fatouros, C. Karavasili. In situ triggered, floating delivery systems of capsaicin for prolonged gastroprotection. Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 2024. 114212.


66. Afewerki S,* Edlund U.* Unlocking the Power of Multicatalytic Synergistic Transformation: Towards Environmentally Adaptable Organohydrogel. Adv. Mater. 2023.


65. Afewerki S,* Edlund U.* Engineering an All-Biobased Solvent- and Styrene-Free Curable Resin. ACS Polymers Au, 2023.

TOC-ACS Nano Review_edited.jpg

64. Afewerki S,* Edlund, U. Combined Catalysis: A Powerful Strategy for Engineering Multifunctional Sustainable Lignin-Based Materials. ACS Nano, 2023.

TOC-Bimetallic MOF_edited.jpg

63. C. Rejeeth, A. Sharma, R. S. Kumar, A. I. Almansour, N. Arumugam, N. B. Varukattu, S. Afewerki. Bimetallic Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Monitoring Metabolic Changes in Cardiovascular Disorders. ACS Appl. Nano. Mater. 2023.


62. S. Afewerki,# T. D. Stocco,# A. D. R. da Silva, A. S. A. Furtado, G. F. de Sousa, G. U. Ruiz-Esparza, T. J. Webster, F. R. Marciano, M. Strømme, Y. S. Zhang*, A. O. Lobo*, In vitro high-content tissue models to address the precision medicine challenges. Mol. Aspect. Med. 2022, 101108.

TOC-Skin care review_edited.jpg

61. D. Ramírez-Gamboa, A. L. Díaz-Zamorano, E. R. Meléndez-Sánchez, H. Reyes-Pardo, K. R. Villaseñor-Zepeda, M. E. López-Arellanes, J. E. Sosa-Hernández, K. G. Coronado-Apodaca, A. Gámez-Méndez, S. Afewerki, H. M. N. Iqbal, R. Parra-Saldivar, M. Martínez-Ruiz. Photolyase production and current applications: A review. Molecules, 2022, 27, 5998.

In Vivo Iron oxide TOC_edited.png

58. C. Rejeeth, V. Nipun babu, A. Sharma, R. Kumar, A. I. Almansour, N. Arumugam, S. Afewerki, S. Kannan. In vivo Delivery of Nuclear Targeted Drugs for Lung Cancer Using Novel Synthesis and Functionalization of Iron Oxide Nanocrystals. New J. Chem. 2022.

Allene TOC_edited.jpg

57. Afewerki, S.; Ma, G.; Deiana, L.; Wu, H.; Huang, G.; Córdova, A. Off-Cycle Catalyst Cooperativity in Amine/Transition Metal Combined Catalysis: Bicyclo[3.2.0]heptanes as Key Species in Co-catalytic Enantioselective Carbocyclizations. Adv. Synth. Catal. 2022.

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60. G. F. Sousa, D. Dittz, S. Afewerki,* D. O. Gontijo, F. E. P. Santos, L. S. Barcelos, S. R. A. Scalzo, A. L. Castro, L. C. Guimaraes, E. M. Pereira, S. J. H. Do Monte, P. P. G. Guimaraes, F. R. Marciano, A. O. Lobo. Catalyst-Free Click Chemistry for Engineering Chondroitin sulfate-Multiarmed PEG Hydrogels for Skin Tissue Engineering. J. Funct. Biomater. 2022. Special Issue ”Fibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications II”.

TOC Bioinspired Self-assembled Fe-Cu-Phenolic Blocks Building of Hierarchical Porous Bioma

59. G. Xiao, Y. Lin, H. Lin, M. Dai, L. Chen, X. Jiang, X. Cao, S. Afewerki, Y. Wang, W. Zhang, Bioinspired Self-assembled Fe/Cu-Phenolic Blocks Building of Hierarchical Porous Biomass-Derived Carbon Aerogels for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction. Colloids Surf. A. 2022, 128932.

TOC-Catal. Sci. Technol._edited.jpg

56. G. Xiao, H. Lin, Y. Lin, L. Chen, X. Jiang, X. Cao, S. Afewerki, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang. Self-assembled hierarchical metal-polyphenol-coordinated hybrid 2D Co-CTA@g-C3N4 heterostructured nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic oxygen reduction. Catal. Sci. Technol.

Label-Free TOC_edited.jpg

55. C. Rejeeth, A. Sharma, S. Kannan, R. S. Kumar, A. I. Almansour, N. Arumugam, S. Afewerki. Label-Free Electrochemical Detection of Cancer Biomarker Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptor in Human Serum and Cancer Cells. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2021.

nml cover 5 vaccine_edited.jpg

54. D. O. Lopez-Cantu, X. Wang, H. Carrasco, X. Zhang, X. Zhang, S. Afewerki, J. V. Bonventre, G. U. Ruiz-Esparza, From Bench to the Clinic: The Path to Translation of Nanotechnology-enabled SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Nano-Micro Lett. 2022, 14, 41.


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52. G. U. Ruiz-Esparza, X. Wang, X. Zhang, S. Jimenez-Vasquez, L. Diaz-Gomez, A.-M. Lavoie, S. Afewerki, A. A. Fuentes-Baldemar, R. Parra-Saldivar, N. Jiang, N. Annabi, B. Saleh, A. K. Yetisen, A. Sheikhi, T. H. Jozefiak, S. R. Shin, N. Dong, A. Khademhosseini. Nanoengineered Shear-thinning Hydrogel Barrier for Preventing Postoperative Adhesions. Nano-Micro Lett. 2021, 13, 212. doi: 10.1007/s40820-021-00712-5.


51. E. S. Araújo, T. D. Stocco, G. F. Sousa, S. Afewerki,* F. R. Marciano, M. A. F. Corat, M. M. Paula, T. F. C. L. Verde, M. C. M. Silva, A. O. Lobo*. Oxygen-Generating Microparticles in Chondrocytes-laden Hydrogels by Facile and Versatile Click Chemistry Strategy. Colloids. Surf. B, 2021, 205, 111850.  


50. Ma, G.; Afewerki, S.; Ibrahem, I.; Córdova, A. Accelerating Amine-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reactions by Intermolecular Cooperative Thiourea-Oxime Hydrogen-Bond Catalysis. Eur. J. Org. 2021, 2021, 3043.  


49. X. Wang, Z. Liu, D. A. Sandoval-Salaiza, S. Afewerki, M. G. Jimenez-Rodriguez, L. Sanchez-Melgar, G. Güemes-Aguilar, D. G. Gonzalez-Sanchez, O. Noble, C. Lerma, R. Parra-Saldivar, D. R. Lemos, G. A. Llamas-Esperon, J. Shi, L. Li, A. O. Lobo, A. A. Fuentes-Baldemar, J. V. Bonventre,* N. Dong,* G. U. Ruiz-Esparza*. Nanostructured Non-Newtonian Drug Delivery Barrier Prevents Postoperative Intrapericardial Adhesions. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2021, 13, 29231.


48. S. Afewerki,* Nicole Bassous, Samarah Harb, Marcus Alexandre F. Corat, Sushila Maharjan, Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza, Thomas Jay Webster, Carla Roberta Tim, Bartolomeu Cruz Viana, Danquan Wang, Xichi Wang, Fernanda Roberta Marciano, and Anderson de Oliveira Lobo,*. Engineering Multifunctional Bactericidal Nanofibers for Abdominal Hernia Repair. Communications Biology-Nature, 2021, 4, 233.  


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46. F. C. Oliveira, J. O. Carvalho, L. S. S. M. Magalhães, J. M. da Silva, S. R. Pereira, A. L. G. Júnior, L. M. Soares, L. I. C. Cariman, R. I. da Silva, B. C. Viana, E. C. Silva-Filho, S. Afewerki, H. N. da Cunha, M. L. Vega, F. R. Marciano, and A. O. Lobo. Biomineralization inspired engineering of nanobiomaterials promoting bone repair. Mater. Sci. Eng. C. 2020, 120, 111776.     


45. I. Y. López-Pacheco, A. Silva-Núñez, J. S. García-Pérez, D. Carrillo-Nieves, C. Salinas-Salazar, C. Castillo-Zacarías, S. Afewerki, D. Barceló, H. N .M. Iqbal, R. Parra-Saldivar. Phyco-remediation of swine wastewater as a sustainable model based on circular economy. J. Environ. Manage. 2020, 278, 111534.                                                 


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42. Afewerki, S.*; Franco, A.; Balu, A. M.*; Tai, C.-W.; Luque, R.; Córdova, A.* Sustainable and recyclable heterogeneous palladium catalysts from rice-husk-derived biosilicates for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling, aerobic oxidations and stereoselective cascade carbocyclizations. Sci. Rep. 2020, 10, 6407.


41. Leila Samara S. M. Magalhães, Francisco Eroni Paz Santos, Conceição de Maria Vaz Elias, Samson Afewerki, Gustavo F. Sousa, Andre S. A. Furtado, Fernanda R. Marciano, Anderson O. Lobo. Printing 3D Hydrogel Structures Employing a Low-Cost Stereolithography Technology. J. Funct. Biomater. 2020, 11, 12.


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38. S. Afewerki,* N. Bassous, S. Harb, C. Palo-Nieto, G. U. Ruiz-Esparza, F. R. Marciano, T. J. Webster, A. S. A. Furtado, A. O. Lobo.* Advances in Dual Functional Antimicrobial and Osteoinductive Biomaterials for Orthopedic Applications, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine. 2020, 14, 102143.


37. S. Afewerki,# M. M. M. De-Paula,# B. C. Viana, T. J. Webster, A. O. Lobo, F. R. Marciano, Dual effective core-shell electrospun scaffolds: Promoting  osteoblast maturation and  reducing bacteria activity, Mater. Sci. Eng. C. 2019, 103, 109778.

Combination of nejayote and swine wastew

36. I. Y. López-Pacheco, D. Carrillo-Nieves, C. Salinas-Salazar, A. Silva- Núñez, A. Arévalo-Gallegos, D. Barceló, S. Afewerki, H. M. N. Iqbal, R. Parra-Saldivar, Combination of nejayote and swine wastewater as a medium for Arthrospira maxima and Chlorella vulgaris production and wastewater treatment. Sci. Total Environ. 2019, 676, 356.        

Synthetic Smectic Clays Bioprinting a Sy

35. Afewerki, S.*; Magalhães, L. S. S.M.; Silva, A. D. R.; Stocco,T. D.; Filho, E. C. S.; Marciano, F. R.; Lobo, A. de O.* Bioprinting a Synthetic Smectic Clay for Orthopedic Applications. Adv. Healthcare Mater. 2019, 8, 1900158. (Cover image).

Understanding the impact of crosslinked

34. M. M. M. De-Paula, N. J. Bassous, S. Afewerki, P. Ghannadian, F. R. Marciano, B. C. Viana, C. R. Tim, S. V. Harb, T. J. Webster, A. O. Lobo, Understanding the impact of crosslinked PCL/PEG/GelMA electrospun nanofibers on bactericidal activity. PLOS ONE, 2018, 13, e0209386.

A sustainable strategy for production an

33. Córdova, A.; Afewerki, S.; Alimohammadzadeh, R.; I. Sanhueza, Tai, C.-W.; Osong, S. H.; Engstrand, P.; I. Ibrahem. A sustainable strategy for production and functionalization of nanocellulose. Pure Appl. Chem. 2018, aop.             


32. G. N. Salles, M. L. Calió, S. Afewerki, C. Pacheco-Soares, M. Porcionatto, C. Hölscher, A. O. Lobo, Prolonged drug releasing fibers attenuate Alzheimer´s disease-like pathogenesis. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018,10, 36693.

Gelatin-polysaccharide composite scaffol

31. S. Afewerki,# A. Sheikhi,# S. Kannan, A. Khademhosseini. Gelatin-polysaccharide composite scaffolds for 3D cellular engineering: Towards natural therapeutics. Bioeng. Transl. Med. 2019, 4, 96.

Smart Biomaterials-Recent Advances and F

30. P. S. Kowalski,# C. Bhattacharya,# S. Afewerki,# R. Langer, Smart Biomaterials: Recent Advances and Future Directions. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2018, 4, 3809.

Electrospun nanofiber composites with im

29. A. O. Lobo,* S. Afewerki,* M. M. M. De-Paula, P. Ghannadian, F. R. Marciano, Y. S. Zhang, T. J. Webster, A. Khademhosseini, Electrospun nanofiber composites with improved mechanical and biological performance. Int. J. Nanomed. 2018, 12, 7891.

Effect of ionic strength on shear-thinni

28. A. Sheikhi,# S. Afewerki,# R. Oklu, A. K. Gaharwar, A. Khademhosseini. Effect of ionic strength on shear-thinning nanoclay-polymer composite hydrogels. Biomater. Sci. 2018, 6, 2073.15.

Laser Interference Lithography for the N

27. Nan Jiang, Haider Butt, Yunuen Montelongo, Feng Liu, Samson Afewerki, Guo-Liang Ying, Qing Dai, Seok-Hyun Yun and Ali K. Yetisen. Laser Interference Lithography for the Nanofabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Bragg Stacks. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 1702715.

Eco-friendly design for scalable direct

26. Afewerki, S.; Alimohammadzadeh, R.; Osong, S. H.; Tai, C.-W.; Engstrand, P.; Córdova, A. Sustainable Design for the Direct Fabrication and Highly Versatile Functionalization of Nanocelluloses. Global Challenges, 2017, 1700045.  

Development of an Amino Acid-Hydroxy Oxi

25. Mridha, M.; Ma, G.; Palo-Nieto, C.; Afewerki, S.; Córdova, A. Synthesis 2017, 49, 383. Development of an Amino Acid/Hydroxy Oxime Dual Catalyst System for Highly Stereoselective Direct Asymmetric Aldol Reactions in the Presence of Water. Synthesis, 2017, 49, 383.

Combinations of Aminocatalysts and Metal

24. Afewerki, S.;* Córdova, A.* Chem. Rev. Combinations of Aminocatalysts and Metal Catalysts: A Powerful Cooperative Approach in Selective Organic Synthesis. Chem. Rev. 2016, 116, 13512.                                          

23. Osong, S. H.; Norgren, S.; Petterson, G.; Engstrand, P.; Córdova, A.; Afewerki, S.; Alimohammadzedeh, R. Proceesing of nanocellulose and applications related to CTMP-based paperboard and foams. IMPC, 2016, 87.

Cyclopalladated Azo-linked Porous Polyme

22. Xu, C.; Afewerki, S.; Tai, C.-W.; Córdova, A. Hedin, N. Cyclopalladated Azo-linked Porous Polymers in C-C Bond-Forming Reactions: Investigation of catalytic species. ChemistrySelect 2016, 1, 5801.

Integrated Heterogeneous Metal-Enzymatic

21. Palo-Nieto, C.; Afewerki, S.; Anderson, M.; Tai, C.-W.; Berglund, P.; Córdova, A. Integrated Heterogeneous Metal/Enzymatic Multiple Relay Catalysis for Eco-friendly and Asymmetric Synthesis. ACS Catal. 2016, 6, 3932.

The Use of Porous Pd2+-polyimine in Coop

20. Xu, C.; Deiana, L.; Afewerki, S.; Incerti-Pradillos, C.; Córdova, O.; Guo, P.; Córdova, A. Hedin, N. The Use of Porous Pd2+-polyimine in Cooperatively-catalyzed Highly Enantioselective Cascade Transformations. Adv. Synth. Catal. 2015, 357, 2150-2156.

Highly Enantioselective Control of Dynam

19. Afewerki, S.; Ma, G.; Ibrahem, I.; Lui, L.; Sun, J.; Córdova, A. Highly Enantioselective Control of Dynamic Cascade Transformations by Dual Catalysis: Asymmetric Synthesis of Poly-Substituted Spirocyclic Oxindoles. ACS Catal. 2015, 5, 1266.


18. Afewerki, S.* Doctoral Thesis, The development of catalytic enantioselective C-C bond-formation and cascade transformations by merging homogeneous or heterogeneous transition metal catalysis with asymmetric aminocatalysis, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden, ISBN 978-91-87557-90-3.

Enantioselective Heterogeneous Synergist

17. Deiana, L.; Ghisu, L.; Afewerki, S.; Verho, O.; Johnston, E.; Hedin, N.; Bacsik, Z.; Córdova, A. Enantioselective Heterogeneous Synergistic Catalysis for Asymmetric Cascade Transformations. Adv. Synth. Catal. 2014, 356, 2485.

Total synthesis of capsaicin analogues f

16. Anderson, M.; Afewerki, S.; Berglund, P.; Córdova, A. Total synthesis of capsaicin analogues from lignin-derived compounds by combined heterogeneous metal, organocatalytic and enzymatic cascades in one pot. Adv. Synth. Catal. 2014, 356, 2113.

Efficient and Highly Enantioselective Ae

15. Deiana, L.; Ghisu, L.; Afewerki, S.; Zhang, R.; Córdova, A. Efficient and Highly Enantioselective Aerobic Oxidation/Michael/Carbocyclization Cascade Transformations by Integrated Pd(0)- CPG nanoparticle/Chiral Amine Relay Catalysis. Synthesis, 2014, 46, 1303.

Combined Heterogeneous Metal-Chiral Amin

14. Deiana, L.; Jiang, Y.; Palo-Nieto, C.; Afewerki, S.; Incerti-Pradillos, C. A.; Verho, O.; Tai, C.-W.; Johnston, E. V.; Córdova, A. Combined Heterogeneous Metal/Chiral Amine: Multiple Relay Catalysis for Versatile Eco-Friendly Synthesis. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 3447.

Highly Enantioselective Control of Dynam

13. Ma, G.; Afewerki, S.; Deiana, L.; Palo-Nieto, C.; Liu, L.; Sun, J.; Ibrahem, S.; Córdova, A. A palladium/chiral amine co-catalyzed enantioselective dynamic cascade reaction: synthesis of polysubstituted carbocycles with a quaternary carbon stereocenter. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 6050.

Highly Enantioselective Cascade Transfor

12. Deiana, L.; Afewerki, S.; Palo-Nieto, C.; Verho, O.; Johnston, E. V.; Córdova, A. Highly Enantioselective Cascade Transformations by Merging Heterogeneous Transition Metal Catalysis with Asymmetric Aminocatalysis. Sci Rep. 2012; 2:851.


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10. Afewerki, S.; Breistein, P.; Pirttilä, K.; Deiana, L.; Dziedzic, P.; Ibrahem, I.; Córdova, A. Catalytic Enantioselective β-Alkylation of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes by Combination of Transition Metal and Aminocatalysis: Total Synthesis of Bisabolane Sesquiterpenes. Chem. Eur. J. 2011, 17, 8784.


9. Afewerki, S.; Ibrahem, I.; Breistein, P.: Rydfjord, J.; Córdova, A. Direct Regiospecific and Highly Enantioselective Intermolecular α-allylic alkylation of aldehydes by combination of transition metal and chiral amine catalysts. Chem. Eur. J. 2012, 18, 2972.


8. Afewerki, S.; Blixt, O.; CIausen, H.; Norberg, T.; Proceedings of the 31st European Peptide Symposium (eds. Michael Lebl, Morten Meldal, Knud J. Hensen, Thomas Hoeg-Jensen), European Peptide society, 2010. Analogs of Contulakin-G, an Analgetically Active Glycopeptide from Conus Geographus. 2010

Book chapters (*Corresponding author, #equal contribution)
Asymmetric Organocatalysis Combined with

7. Afewerki, S.*; Córdova, A.* Enamine/Transition Metal Combined Catalysis: Catalytic Transformations Involving Organometallic Electrophilic Intermediates. Top. Curr. Chem. 2019, 377: 38. Asymmetric Organocatalysis Combined with Metal Catalysis, Springer.

Electrospun Materials and Their Allied A

6. Afewerki, S.*; Ruiz-Esparza, G. U.; Lobo, A. O.* Antimicrobial electrospun materials, In Electrospun Materials and their Allied Applications, pp. 243-264, 2020. John Wiley & Sons. 

Racing for surface.jpg

5. Afewerki, S.*; Bassous, N.; Harb, S.; Palo-Nieto, C.; Ruiz-Esparza, G. U.; Marciano, F. R.; Webster, T. J.; Lobo, A. O.* Advances in antimicrobial and osteoinductive biomaterials, In Racing for the surface (Ed. B. Li et al.), Springer Nature, 2020, 3-34.


4. A. D. R. Silva, T. D. Stocco, A. E. C. Granato, S. V. Harb, Samson Afewerki, N. J. Bassous, P. Hammer, T. J. Webster, F. R. Marciano, A. O. Lobo. Recent advances in nanostructured polymer composite for biomedical application, In Nanostructured Polymer Composites for Biomedical Applications (2019) (Ed. S. K. Swain, M. Jawaid), Elsevier.

Chiral Lewis Acids in Organic Synthesis

2. Afewerki, S.; Córdova, A. Cooperative catalysis: Lewis acids and aminocatalysis. In “Chiral Lewis Acids in Organic Synthesis” (Mlynarski, J. ed.) Wiley/CVH, Weinhei, 2017, ISBN: 9783527341290.

Advanced Technologies and Polymers Materials for Surgical Sutures-Polymers for Surgical Su

1. S. Afewerki,#,* S. V. Harb,‡ T. D. Stocco,‡ Guillermo U. Ruiz-Esparza, Anderson Oliveira Lobo*, Polymers for Surgical Sutures, In Advanced Technologies and Polymers Materials for Surgical Sutures, Elsevier, 2022. ISBN: 9780128197509.

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